Applications and Uses

With more than 10 years’ experience in the provision of reed beds and water treatment systems, the Rentareedbed Hire team can advise you on the number, size and layout of reed bed modules you will need for your project and the size and maintenance of a permanent reed bed system.

Our fleet of high-quality, durable reed beds can fulfill a wide variety of treatment applications, these include:


  • Effluent from septic tanks and cesspits
  • Treatment of effluent from grey water harvesting and collection
  • Clean water systems for swimming pools (natural), ponds, and rainwater

Trade and Industrial

  • Trade shows and outside events
  • Temporary facilities such as construction sites
  • Hotels and campsites where additional seasonal capacity is required
  • Industrial effluents as the complete treatment system or part of mechanical and chemical systems prior to discharge, e.g. cheese making, brewing, abattoirs
  • Treatment of yard run off instead of or inaddition to interceptors, e.g. lorry parks, composting pads
  • For use in highways, treatment from collection
    areas prior to discharge
  • Fisheries protection for water clean up and silt management
  • Treatment from facilities such as military camps and training exercises
  • Treatment of roof water from industrial sites for reuse or discharge


  • Run off from dirty yard areas
  • Pesticide spray residues
  • Dairy & Parlour washings

Specialist Projects

  • The use of modules for evaluating reed bed performant on effluents and for accurate sizing and costs